General Class



Monday’s from 5.15pm – 6.25pm for the duration of the school term.

At Inner Fire Wing Chun we strive for Kung Fu excellence.

By joining our classes you are committing yourself to personal betterment.

The greatest things in life are achieved through purpose, practice and direction.

As a traditional martial art with modern day application, our foundation is based upon a series of movements called Siu Nim Tao (Small Thought/Little Idea), from this foundation all future applications are built.

For you to maximise your learning potential and class experience, these movements must be learned from day 1 in order to fully utilise Wing Chun’s powerful system as all the movements are based on the optimum mechanics of the body.

Daily practice of the Siu Nim Tao form is greatly encouraged both for structural/physical alignment and mental focus.

Before your fist class attendance we ask all new students to learn the first section (part A) of this form via our online video in order to familiarise themselves with the basics and begin their own journey of Wing Chun.

Book below for $22 which includes access to our Siu Nim Tao Video, your first class visit and any questions you may have.